Is Pumas a good soccer team?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Yes. It is the best Mexican soccer team in all of history. Sure, it does not have as many championships as Club America or Chivas, but Pumas did not buy almost ALL of their championships like Club America, and is not in extreme danger of going to second division like Chivas. They also are the team that created the soccer term "cantera" because the team trained young Mexican players and turned them into legends and accomplished their dreams. For example, legendary Real Madrid star Hugo Sanchez and Brazilian superstar Ricardo Ferretti. It currently has seven championships and has beaten Real Madrid in their own stadium! Most of their players have degrees, too. Since the team is based on one of the best universities in all of Mexico,UNAM, most of the teams players are dentists, lawyers, and very educated. Lastly, their fan group, "La Rebel" or "The Rebels" is also been known as one of the best in all of Mexico. If you want to go for great soccer team, trust me, Pumas is the ideal choice.

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Q: Is Pumas a good soccer team?
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Who is the Super team of Mexican soccer league?

Its not Chivas i would say Pumas UNAM they are a very good soccer team.

Is Puma a soccer team or Not?

The Argentinan football team are called the Pumas.

Which is the best soccer team from Mexico?

Pumas u.n.a.m

Another name for the argentinean soccer team?

The Argentinian national soccer team is also known as the Albicelestes (white and sky blue). The national rugby team is nicknamed Los Pumas. They are called the Pumas.

What the names of agentinas soccer team?

The Argentinan football team are called the Pumas.

Who is the best Mexican soccer player who ever lived?

Hugo Sanchez who played on my favorite team Pumas.

What city are the Pumas from?

There are teams called the Pumas in many sports in many places around the world, especially if you consider school teams. The most famous are Pumas from Mexico City. A soccer team, the most popular through the youngsters.

When was Pumas - rugby team - created?

Pumas - rugby team - was created in 1969.

What are the best soccer cleats to get?

Pumas by far

Who is the best team in soccer Mexico?

The best soccer team in Mexico is Chivas DE Guadalajara with more championships won than any other team in Mexico.It also has 100% Mexican players.

What is a good name for your soccer team?

Soccer Stallions ;)

Is the Greek soccer team good?

There is no "Greek" Soccer team. I think you mean is Greece a good soccer team?? they're not great...they're a very average team...maybe lower than average