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No they are not one is a Brazilian, the other is from Portugal.

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Q: Is Portuguese Ronaldo related to Brazilian Ronaldo?
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Are people from Brazil Brazilian or Portuguese?

They are Brazilian and they speak portuguese as their official language

How do you say girl in Brazilian portuguese?

how do you say girl in Brazilian portuguese

Who has scored in the most football world cups?

The Brazilian ronaldo Lima has scored the most goals 15.

How many times did ronaldo of Brazil win world footballer of the year?

The Brazilian Ronaldo has won the footballer of the year three times.

How many world cups has the Brazilian ronaldo played in?

He played 4 world cups.

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Is Cristiano Ronaldo Brazilian?

No, he is Portuguese.

What is the Nationality of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo?

The nationality of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo is Portuguese.

Is reinaldo Italian?

Reinaldo is Brazilian but Cristiano Ronaldo is Portuguese

What is ronaldos' second name?

Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima. (Brazilian) Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro. (Portuguese)

Who is C. Ronaldo?

C. Ronaldo is better known as Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a Portuguese footballer who currently plays for Real Madrid. He is sometimes referred to as C. Ronaldo or Cronaldo to avoid confusion with the Brazilian footballer Ronaldo.

World best player from 1990 to 2009?

Probably Zinadin Zidane or Ronaldo (the Brazilian, not that Portuguese twunt)

Is the Brazilian ronaldo a Muslim?

In my opinion no the brazilian ronaldo is not a muslim

Is ronaldo better than Neymar?

In my opinion, I think that Ronaldo is a bit better than Neymar. Even though Neymar is a Brazilian superstar, He has some work to do to catch up with the Portuguese football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Which Brazilian striker played both for Real Madrid and Barcelona?

Luis Ronaldo

Who is better at football Brazilian Ronaldo or portages Ronaldo?

Brazilian Ronaldo is better because he is fat and still kicks ass at soccer.

Where did Brazilian Portuguese come from?

, Well Brazilian Portuguese is a mixture of Languages from Africa and The Portuguese Language.

What is Brazilian ronaldo's real name?

It is Ronaldo Lima.