Is Planet X really coming

Updated: 12/14/2022
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honestly i say no.

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Q: Is Planet X really coming
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Is planet x really coming back?


Is Planet X coming?

No. There is no planet coming to Earth.

Is there really a planet x?


Does planet x REALLY exsist?

Planet X does exist but there are about 3 Dwarf planets that have simularities to Plznet X. Planet X has not yet been discovered.

Are your chihuahuas really mutnat aliens from Planet X?

yes they are. :D

Where's planet x?

Planet x is the name used to name undiscovered planets that might exist. The belief that an actual "Planet X" is out there and on a collision course with Earth is a different story. If you ask these people they'll tell you it's really, really, close and we're all in deep, deep...

When is the zombie coming?

Zombies aren't real we will all die because of planet X not zombies lolz Or we may die of aleins from "planet" Pluto

Is planet x really hit the earth?

NO! And the proof is its already 2013 no hit and earth isnt in the middle of the solar system and many planets are in it so I say planet x isnt going to collide with earth and if it is a meteorite then theres a really big chance planet x hits the huge sun and melts there

Is x factor coming to Detroit?

yes they are but really dont knw when

What color is Planet x's atmosphere?

Planet X was a hypothetical planet which was searched for after the discovery of planet Neptune. `Planet-X` does not exist.

Is planet x the Fullmetal Alchemist planet?

Planet X does not exist - it was a hypothetical planet.

Is 'Planet X' Neptune?

No, Planet X does not exist.