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Pilates is an aerobic exercise

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2008-10-13 20:57:29
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Q: Is Pilates aerobic or anaerobic exercise?
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Is pilates aerobic anerobic or strength exercise?

Aerobic exercise is a style that developed over time. By definition it is any form of exercise that utilizes the large muscle groups, increases the heart rate and is sustained for a period of 20 minutes or more. Examples of aerobic exercises include jogging, biking, swimming, in-line skating and dancing. The goal is to improve cardiovascular function.The Pilates Method is an anaerobic exercise that focuses on controlled precise movements that do not elevate the heart rate enough to be considered aerobic in the traditional sense. Pilates traditionally uses slow movements designed to improve the core, overall strength, tone and flexibiliy of the body. There are certain Pilates exercises that have aerobic qualities, but as a whole, the exercise method is anaerobic.

Is Ju Jitsu an aerobic or anaerobic exercise?

It uses both the aerobic and anaerobic systems extensively

Explain the difference between anaerobic and aerobic respiration?

anaerobic exercise that is better for fat loss and aerobic respiration is exercise to burn fat

Is swimming an aerobic or anaerobic exercise?


Is ping pong an aerobic or anaerobic exercise?

aerobic, because of the movement in your arms

When does aerobic exercise become anaerobic exercise?

aerobic means you are using your lungs and cardiovascular system. so, when you stop working hard using your lungs and cardiovascular system, it becomes anaerobic exercise. Running, swimming, etc = aerobic yoga (not working on lungs) = anaerobic

Is lifting weights an aerobic or anaerobic exercise?

of coures it is

What are some activities that include both aerobic and anaerobic exercise?

Actually, every exercise is at least slightly aerobic or slightly anaerobic. Aerobic exercise is exercise with oxygen, in other words, exercise that gets you breathing hard by utilizing your cardiovascular system. Running, jogging, swimming, and walking are examples of aerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is exercise without oxygen, in other words, exercise that does not get you breathing hard. Doing a single squat or bench press are examples of anaerobic exercise. Also, many anaerobic exercises can be made aerobic simply by doing more of them, for example, doing 50 bench presses or squats without pausing. ----

Which are you more likely to get cramps anaerobic or aerobic?

You are more likely to get cramps during anaerobic exercise than during aerobic exercise. This is because your muscles are lacking oxygen.

Why is it important that you balance out your exercise routine with aerobic and anaerobic exercises?

Anaerobic exercise is what makes your heart, lungs, and arteries more healthy. Aerobic is good for your bones and muscle strength.

What helps people lose more weight aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise. Anerobic just builds uo your muscles.

Is soccer an anaerobic exercise?

no it is AN aerobic exercise because an aerobic exercise is any medium to extreme physical movement for 15 minutes or more

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