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right handed

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Q: Is Phil simms a left or right handed quarterback?
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Who was the giants quarterback in 87?

Phil Simms

In what year was quarterback Phil Simms drafted?


Who was Giants quarterback from 1972 to 1978?

Phil Simms

Who was the quarterback for ny giants in 1987?

Phil Simms

Which quarterback has the most completions in a Super Bowl?

Phil Simms

Who is the highest rated super bowl quarterback?

Phil simms

Was Phil Simms a Rhodes Scholar?

Former Giants quarterback Phil Simms was not a Rhodes Scholar. However, his teammate Jeff Hostetler was nominated for a Rhodes Scholarship.

Who was the starting quarterback for the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXI?

Phil Simms

What was the most regular season wins by a New York Giants quarterback?

Season: 14 by Phil Simms in 1986. Career: 95 by Phil Simms between 1979-1993.

Is Phil simms the NYG quarterback still living?

Yup. He is currently a television sportscaster for CBS.

Who was the first player to say I am going to Disney World after winning the Super Bowl?

New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms in 1987.

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXI?

Quarterback Phil Simms of the New York Giants was named MVP of Super Bowl XXI.