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Yes, he's been married to Ashley Manning (Thompson) since 2001. They've been together since Peyton was at UT.

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Q: Is Peyton Manning injured
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Has Peyton Manning ever been injured?

yes he injured his neck

What game did Peyton Manning get injured?

New Orleans

What is Peyton Manning sibiling name?

Eli Manning and Cooper Manning unfortunately Cooper was injured in High School and never made the NFL.

What were Peyton Manning's combined stats in college?

He was injured and did not part take in the combine.

How many 3 touchdowns in a game Peyton Manning has?

Well, Peyton Manning barely has now 3 touchdown games in 2012 but, in recent years he has. Last year in 2011, Peyton was injured and out for a while. That lost his confidence no doubt about it.

What is the birth name of Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning's birth name is Peyton Williams Manning.

Where is Peyton from?

Peyton who? Peyton Manning? Peyton Manning was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Who is older Eli or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning is older then Eli Manning. Peyton is Eli's older brother.

Is Eli and Peyton manning close?

are eli manning and peyton manning close

Is Peyton manning gay?

Peyton Manning is straight.

Ben Roethlisbergr or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning

What did Peyton Manning do for an occupation?

Peyton Manning was a quarterback.

How old was Eli Manning when Peyton was adopted?

Peyton Manning was not adopted. Both Peyton and Eli Manning have the same parents.

What did Peyton Manning major in?

Peyton Manning majored in communications and business at the University of Tennessee. Peyton Manning was a quarterback for the NFL.

Did Peyton Manning cheat on Ashly manning?

No. Peyton Manning did not cheat on Ashly Manning. He is still married to her.

Is wade manning the father of Eli and Peyton Manning?

no the father on Eli and Peyton Manning is Archie Manning

Who is a better quarterback Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?

I would probaly say Peyton Manning because he is older and has played longer. Peyton Manning rocks!!:]

Why did manning want to have the number 18?

His brother, Cooper manning, had number 18. he was a wide receiver and played with peyton manning in high school. he had potential but he got injured and never got to play again. peyton wanted to use his number since his brother never made the NFL.

When was Peyton Manning born?

Peyton Manning was born on March 24, 1976

What is Peyton Manning's full name?

Peyton Williams Manning

Who is better Ben Roethlisberger or Peyton Manning?

Peyton manning.

Why did Peyton Manning cross the road?

who's peyton manning?

Does Peyton manning have any kids?

does Peyton manning have kids

What is Peyton Manning's full name?

Peyton Williams Manning

Five words that describe Peyton Manning?

Peyton manning is the siz nit