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No, but I'd rank him in the top 5.

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Q: Is Petrosian the best chess player of all time?
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Who is the best chess player of all time from Argentina?

Miguel Najdorf is arguably the best Argentine chess player in history.

Who was the best chess player of all time?

Gary Kasparov may very well be the best chess player the world will ever see .

How old is Tigran Petrosian?

Tigran Petrosian was born on June 17, 1929 and died on August 13, 1984. Tigran Petrosian would have been 55 years old at the time of death or 86 years old today.

Who are the all-time top ten Russian chess champions?

Top-ten all-time Soviet chess champions would arguably include: # Garry Kasparov # Anatoly Karpov # Mikhail Botvinnik # Alexander Alekhine # Mikhail Tal # Tigran Petrosian # Boris Spassky # Paul Keres # Viktor Korchnoi

Can a computer beat a chess master?

Yes but only because it can see all of the possibilities in a short amount of time before it makes its move, even the best chess player can't do this.

Who is the famous chess player in the early time?

George Clooney

Who is the greatiest chess player?

I assume you mean all time. Tough and entirely theoretical question. I say that Gary Kasparov is the best Chess player of all time after going over many of his games yet others have claimed that Bobby Fischer is the best player of all time. Some people even claim that the 19th century genius Paul Morphy is the best player of all time however strong players with this opinion are few and far between.

Who is the famous chess player in the present time?

big al mcfarlen

Kasparov or fischer who is the greatest tennis-chess player of all time?

They are not good tennis players. They are both rivals in Snakes and Ladders. Chess anyone?? Anyone for chess?

Who was the greatest British chess player of all time?

bobby lea Jan

What happens if a chess player does not move within the alloted time?

The rules are that the player who does not move within the allotted time will forfeit the game .

What was considered to be the best time pass for Indus people?


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