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No, second oldest active coach

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Q: Is Pete Carroll the oldest NFL coach?
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What NFL coaches have worst challenge rate?

Tom Coughlin

Who's the oldest coach in the NFL?

Tom coughlin

Who was the oldest NFL head coach in 2010?

Tom Coughlin

How many college players drafted by the NFL during Pete Carroll's career at USC?

a lot

What nfl teams did pete carrol coach?

Seattle Seahawks and New England patriots

Who is the oldest assistant coach in the NFL?

Jim Carson,falcons, and he is 85 or 86

Who is the oldest head coach in the NFL?

George Halas Sr. and Marv Levy both coached in the NFL until they were 72.

Do a lot of NFL coaches play in the NFL?

An NFL coach can't be an NFL player and a Coach.

What college did NFL player Nolan Carroll play for?

NFL player Nolan Carroll played for Maryland.

How much does NFL player Nolan Carroll weigh?

NFL player Nolan Carroll weighs 205 pounds.

Can NFL owner coach team?

Can a nfl owner coach his own

When did NFL Head Coach happen?

NFL Head Coach happened in 2006.