Is Peru nice

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Peru its a beutiful country, full of history. Believe me I am from there. You just love the view and everything is not expensive

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Q: Is Peru nice
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Have you ever traveled to Peru?

no but it would b nice

How many different ethnic groups are there in Peru?

ANSWER : We actually don't care about Peru, so yes... have a nice day.

How do people act in Peru?

they are nice but mess with the wrong one and they are really mean

Is Cuzco the capital of modern day Peru?

no, its Lima. i know this because i was born at the capital of Peru. Nice question. and long time ago, Cuzco was the capital

Where is Machu Piccu located by and is it nice?

"It is in Peru South America and I would assume that it is a nice place to visit. It is a sacred ancient site that are the remains of an ancient Incan civilization so if archaeology floats your boat, you will find it very nice indeed."

What is Peru's slogan?

Peru is for you

What major city is the river Amazon on?

Iquitos (Peru) Manaus (Brazil)Belem do Para (Brazil)

Is Peru in lima or lima in Peru?

Lima is in Peru. It is also the capital city of Peru.

In what country did potato originate?


Why did the Inca live in Peru?

Yes the Incas did live in what is now Peru......and they o=loved hotdogs.! :) i hope this answers your question thurlly..thankyou and have a nice day.!

Where is Choquequirao located?

Choquequirao is located in The Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco, Peru. It is the sister city of the legendary Machu Pichu and is a really nice place to visit.

What is Peru's country name?

Republic of Peru