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Q: Is Pelican Fusion Snowboard a good snowboard?
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What are some good brands for snowboard stickers?

Some good brands for snowboard stickers are found at Eternal Snowboard Stickers as well as Zumiez. These brands carry high quality snowboard stickers with various graphics.

Is a gnu snowboard good?


Is sapient a good snowboard brand?

Absolutely not

Can you use furniture wax on a snowboard?

No, not a good idea

What kind of snowboarding gear do I need to get started in the sport?

Essential gear to snowboard includes suitable clothing. A good snowboard jacket and pants are a good start along with mittens or gloves, goggles, stocking cap, and thermal socks. Basic equipment includes a snowboard, bindings, and boots.

How good is a morrow snowboard 1-10?


What is a good 138 centimeter twin snowboard for under 100?

There isn't a really worthy snowboard of any size or brand that is under 100 you may get a good Burton 138cm for about $150 or so i believe.

How can a snowboard be kept in best condition?

There are multiple ways to keep a snowboard from rusting. The most recommended method is to firstly give it a good tune (waxing), then wrap it up and place it in a bag.

What snowboard size should you get if you are 1.75 mt tall?

Answer helloo im a personal snowboard trainer in davos of Switzerland and you need exactly1.57 snowboard and shorter so between 1,55 and 1.57 is the best size for you. you have to know that board have to reach from the ground to your shouldiers an a little bit a little only 1-2 cm higher from your shouldiers ok.have fun andd good luck on your snowboard choise for this size byeANSWER:Compare your height in centimeters to the length of the snowboard. Maybe you can choose 149 -157 cm.

Where can Vans snowboard boots be bought?

Vans snowboard boats can be purchased at any local ski/snowboard store, any ski hill, or there are multiple stores online where you can purchase one. Ebay would be a good place to check, because the price on Ebay will most likely be the least expensive.

If you are 120lb what size is a good snowboard?

I would say around 148 - 152.

If im 5.2 in hite is a 146 size snowboard good for you?

No its too small