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Pele was named Athlete of the 20th Century by the International Olympic Commitee and is the biggest name in the history of Sports. Pele vs Maradona.. Who was a better Football player??? Divides opinions but i say Pele is the greatest striker ever while Maradona was the greatest playmaker ever. BOTH LEGENDS OF FOOTBALL Pele is definately the best Football player ever! I have seen them both in action. Pele could play all eleven positions at the highest level. He made his teamates better while he was playing. he never lost a world cup final while he was on the field playing .He was skillful in all areas- dribbling ,kicking(both feet), heading ,passing etc.He could score goals better than anybody (goals win matches!)Can you imagine a player scoring more than three goals in a match more than a hundred times? Thats awesome! Throughout his career pele was second to none. He was kicked out of games but was never 'marked' out -unlike Maradona . Please note that when Argentina won the world cup with Maradona ,England could have won-if only they had seen the wisdom in playing John Barnes! Barnes got only fifteen minutes and nuetralized Maradonna! At the end of the day when you want to summerize a persons career ,look at the facts, and what the person has accomplished. Do not get carried away by sentiments or a few seasons of glory . Look at the person's entire career-The highest quality performance every season for your entire career is what makes you the best of the best-THAT IS PELE- THE GOD OF FOOTBALL! Ofcourse, pele is the greatest football player of all times, I know that pele is the king, but Maradona is the god of football, is the Mozart of the foot-ball, and I dont say it just because I like him, because personally, I just dont care about his life out of the field, probably he used to or still do drugs, but you have when you evalluate something in specific, you must not consider points that dont have anything to do with the theme, and because that, and that Maradona score the greatest goal ever in the history of soccer, and considering that by the time Maradona was playing soccer, the level of the football played on that time was twice or even more harder and chalenging than when pele was playing, Maradona acompished all the posible feats. Because that and more, I think Maradona, the god of football, is the greatest soccer player ever, a lot more than the socond best player, the good pele. definitely pele is the greatest ever player even more than pele.pele is a cunning fellow who did not play in european conditions.he has a hand in keeping maradona out of the scope.but time and again he proved when people voted for him.pele had to face ruthless european footballers only once in four years compared to maradona who faced it everyday.he was physically inferior but still able to display his skills like no one did. pele is better at a couple of things and maradona is better at a couple of things too. pele kicks harder and more accurately and maradona dribbles better.pele is faster and maradona is fast. maradona has more skills than pele but pele has a better heart. so it comes down to pele being better maybe not by skill but by heart. pele and maradona match at skills or pele is a little better. i have seen tapes of both of them and pele is better he accomplished more than maradona. pele is also more famous than maradona. pele is the greatest, maradona comes in 4th place after cryuff and garrincha. pele has got it all. he was the perfect player. Maradona was far from perfect. ---- I dont know aboutmaradonas"hearth", but i know about Maradonas HEARTH. IN Itlay 90, Maradona pay the whole world cup withs his right ankle injured. He cant even walk. HE got injections before the matchs so he could play. Before the match against Brazil the doctor told Diego That he couldnt find health flesh in his ankle to put the Diego just took syringe and he put it into his ankle without saying a word. Then he was able to play (but the effects just last for 15 minutes..then it hurts like shi**) the match and Argentina won thanks to diego. I think that is to have a BIG HEARTH. Maradona is the best player ever! NO discussion there, we ll never see again the things maradona did in the field..., God is from Argentina, and his name is Diego. D10S Armando Maradona i think pele is the god the king the every thing of football the guy is the best player in the world. maradona is overweight and addicted to cocaine and god knows what else hes on. he doesnt donate or help people like pele he wastes his money on crack.we shouldnt be even comparing the two, pele is the best and thats final. MARADONA E' IL PIU' GRANDE DELLA STORIA .PELE' NON E' NEANCHE PARAGONABILE CON MARADONA.....MARADONA e' IL CALCIO.NON HA EGUALI.... pele is the best in Football no one can beat him MARADONA WAS, HE USED DRUGS..., CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW HE CAN PLAY WITHOUT DRUGS, HE WAS THE BEST IN ALL THE HISTORY. Pele's advocates point out that he scored 1283 goals in his career - the most anyone has ever scored - and won 3 world cups with brazil. His ethic was also outstanding, as players started to employ the tactic of kicking him whenever he got the ball - nothing else worked - and he still persevered. His critics note that his goal tally includes goals playing against ameteur sides and friendlies, as well as army matches. They also argue that he did not have a significant part to play in any of Brazil's world cup wins, and that he did not test himself in european football; he pretty much played his whole career at santos. A good indicator of this is when he was asked in an interview what his best goal was, and he proceeded to describe it in full, and when asked whether they could see a clip, he said, it doesnt exist - it had been in the brazilian league, with no cameras. Maradona's advocates point out his heroics at the '86 world cup, his undoubted genius and of course, his success at Napoli where he won two Serie A's (one a double with the copa italia) and the uefa cup, and it is irrefutable that their victories came from his efforts - a one man team if there ever was one - that would be akin to a player going to the likes of blackburn now and winning the league. His detractors point out that he had a drug problem and that his temperament was suspect, and that he was a cheat - the hand of god incident, for one - and his tendancy to do things his own way when it came to training. He was also a complete failure at Barcelona (though hepetitis and a career threatening injury after a bad tackle did contribute to this). Barcelona fans do not like to be associated with him after his antics at the copa del rey final in which there was a massive melee in which Maradona was at the centre. All things considered, I lean toward Maradona pele is the best hes the best soccer player in the world he is the king of soccer and noone can grow up to be as good as him its impossible!!!!

Maradonna - Good

Pele - Better

George - Best

== == == == pele is definetely better i have researched him and he is a mungie pele is the greatest mungie of all time. Maradona is just a try hard mungie, but Pele is such a mungie, that if he was mungied my a mungie, no one would care and just shout out "go pele! Greatest mungie ever" Maradona- Try hard mungie Pele- Awesome ultimate mungue who if he got excited would squirt mungie awesome-ness all over the try hard mungie Maradona

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Q: Is Pele or Maradonna the best ever Football player?
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