Is Pele jealous of messi

Updated: 9/21/2023
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yes he is because he said that " Messi is good but I scored more goals than him, I scored way better headers but Messi just headed them, my parent's said that there is no new Pele and I scored better goals."

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Q: Is Pele jealous of messi
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Who is better messi vs Pele?


Who is better Pele Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi?

Leo messi of couse dumbo

Is messi the best soccer player in history?

no it is pele

Do Pele's sons play football?

yes he is called messi

Who is the secret 101 club in the match attaxs?

It is Lionel Messi and Pele!

Who was famous in soccer?

Currently Lionel Messi, or maybe Ronaldinho, would almost certainly take that distinction. As for the most famous footballer ever, that would be either Diego Maradona or Pelé.

Who is better of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo or messi?

zidane, pele, and maradona

Who is the most famous soccer player on Earth?

Ronaldo, messi,Pele,and David

Who are the greatest 5 players in history?

Maradona Pele Cryuff Ronaldo Messi

What football player wears 10?

messi maradona Pele kaka Rooney

Who is the best Soccer Player other than Pele or Maradona?

Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel messi is the better one

Whos the greatest soccer player?

pele although there is others such as maradona, messi, rooney, and ronaldo. there are many others but pele reveloutionised soccer