Is Pele' a black American

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No - Pele is Brazillian. He did play in America for the New York Cosmos during the 1975 season.

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Q: Is Pele' a black American
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Who is The football player his is nickname black gem?

Maybe your thinking of Pele who was nicknamed the Black Pearl.

What is nationality of Pele?


Who was called as black pearl in soccer game?

In football Eusebio and Pele have both been given the nickname Pérola Negra (The Black Pearl). Pele is called the black pearl.

Who was the first black professional soccer player in the United States?


What black man retired as a soccer champion of the world?

it will be Pele from brasil

Which international famous football player is also known as 'Black Peal'?

Pele is known as the black pearl.

Who is the world famous Brazilian soccer player?

The Brazilian Pele is considered the greatest ever with over a thousand goals to his name.

Is Pele gay?

Absolutely not!Pele is not gay

Does Pele have a dad?

Yes Pele does have a dad

FIFA 09 classic XI in manager mode?

pele pele pele

Who is better Pele or villa?


Is Pele single?

No, Pele is not single.