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cycling in the Olympics is individual and a team sport.

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Q: Is Olympic cycling a team sport?
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Which Olympic sport involves riding bicycles over a long distance?

It is the sport of Olympic cycling. Long distance races include road cycling and cross-country cycling.

What Olympic sports start with R?

Road cycling is a summer Olympic sport. Rowing is an Olympic sport.

Do you Capitalize all words in the phrase Olympic cycling team?

Yes. It should be Olympic Cycling Team.

Is cycling an Olympic sport?


Indian film actor participating as member of Indian cycling team in olympic game?

JankiDas Mehra is one Bollywood actor. He was the actor that participated in the Olympic games as well. The sport he did participate was cycling.

What is the olympic sport that Britain is best at?

swimming and cycling

What Olympic sports start with C?

Cross country skiing is a Winter Olympic sport. Cross country cycling is a Summer Olympic sport.

Is there an olympic jumprope team?

no there is not but in at least one country its a sport but not an olympic sport

When did bicycling become an Olympic sport?

Cycling has been competed since the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens.

First Olympic team sport?

The first team sport in the Olympics was water polo.

Who were the members of the 1976 US Olympic cycling team?

Kenny Fuller

Which Indian film actor had participate as a member of Indian cycling team in olympic game?

Jankidas Mehra had participated in the olympic games. He participated with the Indian cycling team. He was born in the year 1910.

What sport has sprint tandem and team pursuit events?


What are the three men only Olympic events?

Team sprint in track cycling

What is the value of a 1996 commemorative olympic sport medallion?

one on eBay

What sports is not an Olympic sport?

swimming, Athletics, shot put, cycling, hamer throw, soccer, hocky e.t.c,

Why was cycling put into the olympics?

Because it was popular enough and fulfilled the requirements for a sport to be accepted as an olympic sport, with national competitions, national organisations and international organisation.

Is olympic archery a team sport?

Yes, there is individual and team competition in archery at the Olympics.

Is the Olympics a team sport?

there are some Olympic games that you don't need a team for but you do have to represent your country and be an expert to compete in any Olympic tournament

What sport did the US Dream Team play?

The USA dream team was the 1992 Olympic basketball team.

Which Indian film actore had pparticipated as a member of Indian cycling team in olympic game?

Jankidas Mehra

Which Indian film actor had participated as a member of Indian cycling team in olympic game?

Jankidas Mehra

What is an Olympic sport with eleven players per team?


What olympic sport does Clara hughes compete in?

Clara Hughes has competed and won medals for cycling in the summer and speed skating in the winter

What is the world record for olympic cycling?

There's no sensible single answer to that, as there are several different kinds of olympic cycling