Is OVW a part of WWE?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Ohio Valley Wrestling USED to be World Wrestling Entertainment's development territory. As of the week of February 10, 2008 WWE has parted ways with OVW, leaving FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) as the only territory!

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Q: Is OVW a part of WWE?
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When do WWE has triout?

You have to be in OVW after college.

Where Ohio Valley Wrestling is located?

It is one of WWE's developmental territories. Wrestlers who are successful in OVW usually get moved to WWE Actually you are wrong, WWE's development territory is Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE cut ties with OVW about 5 years ago.

How do you get into FCW?

You have to sign a developmental contranct with the WWE and they will sennd to OVW or FCW.

What does WWE ovw mean?

OVW stands for Ohio Valley Wrestling. OVW is an American developmental professional wrestling promotion based in Louisville, Kentucky. It was the official developmental territory for the WWE between 2001 and 2008. Now it is the developmental territory for TNA. Wrestlers who sign-up with mainline promotions like WWE or TNA are sent to promotions like OVW to train and hone their skills before they debut in either promotions shows.

When John Cena go to WWE?

John went to WWE in 2002. However, he was in OVW from 2000-early 2002.

What happened to kizarny?

wwe enterprises thought he was not good enouph the first match so they fired him but he now wrestles in ovw June 2010 - First off he was not fired if he is working at OVW, that is one of WWE's training camps.

How to join WWE?

OVW or FCW its where cena,orton,batista they all get theyre starts

Where is Mordecai now?

In OVW, the WWE developmental center, wrestling under the name Seven.

What do you do to get ready for the WWE?

If you wanted to be a WWE star like John Cena, you should get trainings in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) first.

Was John Cena in ovw?

Yes. John cena began his initial wrestling training in the year 2000. He was signed with a developmental contract by the WWE and sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). He made his WWE debut in the year 2002 and has been with WWE ever since. He is one of WWE's top wrestlers and a fan favourite as well.

To work at wwe do you have to start as an indy wrestler Or could you go straight to FCW then NXT and finally wwe?

I forgot, OVW or a wrestling school is useful.

How you can join WWE as a wrestler?

There are 3 choices, Florida Championship Wrestling in Miami, Ring Of Honor, Or OVW