Is Nigeria better than Ghana

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Q: Is Nigeria better than Ghana
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Why is Nigeria one ahead of Ghana?

Because it is. Nigeria is a very rich country (well in most parts anyway) Nigeria GDP is growing more than Ghana. Nigeria has the highest GDP in West Africa. Nigeria is one of the highest growing economy in the world. A statement about Nigeria Nigeria's GDP is by far the largest in West Africa, and the second largest in Africa. Nigeria has the largest defence budget in West Africa, and the 3th largest in Africa. Nigeria is also a regional power. Nigeria is classified as an emerging market, and is rapidly approaching middle income status. Ghana on the other hand is still classified as a third world country. Ghana also depend on foreign aid. Ghana have better democracy than Nigeria and less corruption. Other than that, Ghana economy haven't done much. In 2002, Ghana economy was better than Nigeria but in 2008, Nigeria economy surpassed Ghana in a high percentage (Now Ghana economy is below Nigeria again). And Nigeria distributes oil all over the world.

Who is more developed Ghana or Nigeria?

"Ghana is better than nigeria and im half each" The question is definitely who is richer not better, and Nigeria is richer than ghana ( you can check on any list). Nigeria is also better overall.

What is the direction of Ghana from nigeria?

Ghana is due west of Nigeria

What is the score of Ghana vs Nigeria 2011?

Ghana 2 - 1 Nigeria

Did Nigeria supply Ghana electricity?

no and never in 2015, ghana will supply nigeria with electricity

What are the capital cities of Ghana and Nigeria?

Ghana's capital is Accra, and the official capital of Nigeria is Abuja.

Why is there a time difference between Nigeria and Ghana?

Nigeria is always one hour ahead of Ghana. Noon Greenwich Mean Time in Ghana = 1 PM West Africa Time in Nigeria

Which is higher btw naira and cidies?

Nigeria naira is higher than Ghana cidies

Is Ghana universities accredited in Nigeria?

my answer is YES, Ghana universities should be accredited in Nigeria looking at there educational status and discipline.

Which two former french colonies lie between Ghana and Nigeria?

Togo and Benin both lie between Ghana and Nigeria.

Why is Nigeria one hour ahead of Ghana?

Nigeria is one hour ahead of Ghana due their different position from the Greenwich meridian. Ghana is at the Greenwich meridian while Nigeria is at +1 Greenwich which accounts for the difference in one hour.

How can i apply Namibia visa in Ghana?

How do i recharge my ghana mtn number in nigeria