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Yes. The team was known as the Boston Patriots from 1960 to 1970. After that they were the Bay State Patriots, and then the New England Patriots.

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Q: Is New England Patriots and Boston patriots the same?
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What year were the Patriots first established?

I assume by Patriots you mean the New England Patriots of the National Football league. In 1959, the team was introduced as the Boston Patriots but in 1971 the team was relocated to Foxborough, Massachusetts where they were renamed as the New England Patriots. This is the same name that the team uses today.

How are the loyalists and the patriots the same?

beacuase they were born in England all together

What football team is the same thing as proud americans?

The New England Patriots

Are loyalist the same as patriots?

No, loyalists are loyal to king, patriots want war.

Are the patriots the same as British troops?

No. Patriots were American colonists fighting the British.

What city ever won championships in nfl football and mlb baseball in the same year?

Yes the new england patriots and the boston redsox both won championships in 2004.

How do you get Troy Polamalu in Madden 11 if you are the New England Patriots?

Well for one, you go to NFL roster click Troy Polamalu from Steelers, go to trade and do the same for New England Patriots SS. Then accept trade.

What is the same about the loylists and the patriots?

nio \

Which United States city has won the Major League Baseball and NFL title in the same calendar year?

2003- 2004 New England Patriots and 2004 Boston Red Sox

Are the patriots and giants the same color?


In what city does the MLS team New England Revolution play?

Foxborough, Massachusetts. Same location as the NFL team, New England Patriots.

Is Bob Craft owner of the New England Patriots the same Kraft from macaroni and cheese?

No, he isn't, they aren't even spelled the same way.

Have the giants and patriots won the same amount of super bowls?

No, the Patriots have more Super Bowl wins than the Giants

How were the loyalists and patriots the same and how they were different?

both were colinist

Who is better Raiders or the Patriots?

The Patriots. The Raiders have failed to post a record better than 5-11 since 2002 while the Patriots have not finished below 10-6 in that same span.

Is Bob Kraft owner of the New England Patriots the same Kraft from macaroni and cheese?

No, Bob Kraft is not involved with Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Did the Indianapolis Colts ever play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl?

No. The Colts and Patriots are in the same conference - the AFC - and thus cannot play each other in Superbowls, which are interconference (NFC vs. AFC). The Colts moved to the AFC in 1970 with the merger of the NFL (where the Colts had been) and the American Football League (the Patriots' league at the time).

What did the patriots and the loyalists agreed mostly on?

The colonists should have the same rights as Englishmen in other-words they want to be free like everyone back in England

Name an NFL Team that lost their first Super Bowl and won their first Super Bowl in the same venue?

The New England Patriots. The Patriots lost their first Super Bowl to the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX by the score of 46-10 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Superdome. The New England Patriots also won their first Super Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Superdome, in Super Bowl XXXVI. The New England Patriots defeated the St. Louis Rams by the score 20-17. Tom Brady won the MVP in that Super Bowl.

Did the New England Patriots deserve to win the Super Bowl?

New England didn't "deserve" to win anything, they EARNED it. Basis of football. The team that scores more wins. If the Patriots scored more and lost, they deserved to win. If they scored more and won, they deserved that too. Belicheck style .... Perfect above. The Patriots deserved to win SBs XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX the same as they deserved to lose SBx XX and XXXI.

Who did the patriots lose to in 2008 playoffs?

The Patriots did not qualify for the 1008 playoffs despite finishing with a record of 11-5. They tied the Miami Dolphins with the same record, but lost the tie breakers. The Dolphins got in the playoffs and the Patriots were left outside in the cold.

Has any city ever won championships in football baseball and hockey in the same year?

Boston almost did it in 2007 but the patriots lost to the giants to ruin their perfect season

How did the patriots and loyalists compare?

they both live in the same colonies but, the loyalist remained loyal to their king and the patriots wanted everything to go their way so the betrayed their king.

What teams are in the same division as the Buffalo Bills?

The three other teams in the AFC East are the Miami Dolphins, the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

Did the patriots and the colts play against each other in the Super Bowl?

No. This is impossible in any event, as both teams are in the same conference - American Football Conference - and the Patriots did not make the playoffs in the first four years of the Superbowl, when the Colts were in the NFL and the Patriots in the AFL.

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