Is NFL real

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Yes NFL is real if you watch it you will realise that all the things they do are real

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Q: Is NFL real
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Is the NFL Dancing robot real or animated?

The NFL robot is animated, not real.

Is NFL football real?

Yes, it is very real.

Is the NFL real?


Are NFL hits fake?

no they are not they are real

When is the real NFL fantasy draft?


Which NFL player is the real LT?

In my opinion Lawrence Taylor is the real LT.

Does ESPN NFL offer real time scores?

ESPN's NFL site does offer real time scores on all NFL games being played. You can see text updates on the plays, check out statistics on players, and send in your comments.

Did Ray Lewis's real mother do an ad for NFL evolution?


What are the REAL heights of NFL players?

the same as it says on TV

Did cj from real world make it to the nfl?

no he didnt and most likely will not

Where is it possible to view NFL predictions?

Great sources for NFL predictions would include your favorite NFL news sites. Just make sure you choose the correct category such as Fantasy or real football.

Who deserved to receive the highest ratings after this week 15 performance in nfl football?

NFL is crap switch to real 'foot'ball (or as you idiots may call it 'soccer').