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In what terms do you want to look at it Money? fans? player? ...

Football is Americas biggest sport it has over taken Baseball

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Q: Is NASCAR the biggest sport in America?
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What is the most viewed sport in America?

The most viewed sport in America is baseball. NASCAR and the NFL.

What percentage of NASCAR fans are in America?

About 75% of the NASCAR fans are in America. NASCAR is an auto racing sport that is popular in many countries. Japan is one of the largest countries other than the United States that watches NASCAR regularly.

Do more people like basketball more than any other sport in America?

No, the most watched sport in America is surprisingly NASCAR...

Which is a higher grossing sport the NFL or NASCAR?

NFL without a doubt. NASCAR was once the fastest growing sport in America, but has since tapered off. New rules in NASCAR have caused them to lose some of their fan base.

What is NASCAR's mission statement?

"Nascar is committed to making the sport - on and off the racetrack - look like America. No other issue is more important to Nascar's success and growth."

What is the biggest sport in America?


What makes Nascar the number one sport in America?

The excitement, the speed, personalities, and of course the wrecks.

Why is NASCAR not considered a sport?

According to ESPN, FOX and NBC, NASCAR is a sport.

What is the most popular motor sport in the world?

Although NASCAR is the most popular motor sport in America, it's not global. Formula One is the most popular motor sport on Earth.

Is NASCAR fake?

of course not. Nascar have been a sport since 1940's.

How does the popularity of soccer compare to NASCAR?

Well I'm a huge NASCAR fan myself, and I will give you the facts (go Tony Stewart!!). Soccer is basically a sport that is all around the world, while NASCAR is a USA sanctioned base in America. So how do we compare? NASCAR has the largest fan base in America (and yes, more than the NFL), while we could both agree upon soccer as being the most popular and well-known sport in the world. Now we switch them both around. NASCAR compared to the world, and soccer's fan base in America. NASCAR is not Formula-One, or IndyCars, and its real hard to explain that NASCAR is a sport the world would know, but not near as much as soccer. Now, soccer in the US. Barely any people take soccer seriously (not to be mean) in the US since there's a huge variety of sports in the US (football, basketball, baseball, hockey), but, lets say Brazil, they don't have a clue to what those four sports were, except soccer, that's all the country knows. Soccer is the largest known sport in the world (other than the US), and NASCAR is the largest sport in the US.

Which sport has the largest fan base?

The Answer to sport worldwide is Soccer, but the biggest fan based team in America is The Dallas Cowboys

What sport does America do?

America's top professional sports are baseball, American football, basketball and hockey. But they do compete in other sports, such as NASCAR racing, tennis and golf.

What was the biggest lead in a Nascar race?

The biggest lead in a Nascar race remains is Awesome Bill, in May 1985.

Is Drifting a Sport?

Drifting is not a sport. It is what people use in the sport called NASCAR.

How does NASCAR compare to other Sports in America?

One of my GRIPS is the availability of autographs, in Nascar the drivers are very free with signing autographs, other sports its very hard to get one, the sports figures do-not make themselves available like Nascar drivers do. So my answer to you (in my opinion) is its a people sport.

What sport do NASCAR organizations represent?

The sport of Auto Racing.

What is Sport with fire?


What is a sport with fire?


What professional sport has the most female fans?

As of 2014, the professional sport that has the most female fans is NASCAR. NASCAR is a stock car racing series.

Is NASCAR the safest sport?

NASCAR is a pretty safe sport, but maybe not the safest. That is a matter of opinion, I say probably. But it just depends on the person you ask.

When was NASCAR on SportsChannel America created?

NASCAR on SportsChannel America was created in 1990.

By far footbal or soccer as the call it here in america is the biggest sport in the world as a matter of fact it dwarfs even the next biggest sport in the world either basket ball tennis or car racing?


Which sport generates more money football or Nascar?

NASCAR generates more money annually as a whole sport than American professional football (NFL).

Where does NASCAR rank in popularity?

As of September 2014, NASCAR was ranked as the fourth most popular sport in the United States. Professional football is the most popular sport.