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Tyson won his first title, the WBC heavyweight title, in 1986 when he TKOed Trevor Berbick in the second round. He won the WBA heavyweight title by beating Bonecrusher Smith by a unanimous decision in 1987. He then won the IBF heavyweight title by beating Tony Tucker in a unanimous decision, also in 1987. He became the 'undisputed' heavyweight champion of the world.

Tyson lost the 'undisputed' title to Buster Douglas in 1990.

He won back the WBC title from Frank Bruno and the WBA title from Bruce Seldon in 1996. He lost the WBA title to Evender Holyfield in 1997 and was stripped of the WBC title shortly after winning it for not agreeing to fight Lennox Lewis.

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Q: Is Mike Tyson a two-time heavyweight champion of the world?
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The youngest world heavyweight boxing champion?

mike tyson

Which boxer was not a world heavyweight champion?

Muhammond aliMike tyson

Is Mike Tyson part of Tyson food Inc?

If referring to the Heavyweight Champion of the world Mike Tyson, then, no he is not.

Who was the youngest heavyweight world boxing champion?

Mike Tyson hold the record for the youngest heavyweight champion of the world at 20 years, 4 months and 22 days old

Who did Mike Tyson beat to become the youngest world heavyweight champion of the world?

Trevor Berbick

Who is the former world heavyweight boxing champion who lost his daughter recently?

It is the boxer Mike Tyson.

Who is the youngest world heavyweight champion?

I'm sure was Randy ortonin wwehe was 24mike tyson

Who is the youngest current world boxing champion?

It is Mike Tyson when he was fighting with Trevor Berbick He became the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Who is the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of the world?

Iron Mike Tyson was the youngest heavy weight champion ever at 20 years old.

How long was Mike Tyson heavyweight champion of the world?

Tyson won the heavyweight championship on November 22, 1986 over Trevor Berbick and lost the title on February 11, 1990 to James 'Buster' Douglas.

When was Heavyweight Champion of the World created?

Heavyweight Champion of the World was created in 2006.

Who did Mike Tyson beat to become youngest heavyweight champion?

Trevor Berbick On November 22, 1986, Tyson was given his first title fight against Trevor Berbick for the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight championship. Tyson won the title by second round TKO, and at the age of 20 years and 4 months became the youngest heavyweight champion in history