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No, No, No.

Coming from a real figure skater

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Q: Is Michelle trachtenberg a figure skater?
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In which movie did Michelle Trachtenberg play the role of skater Casey Carlyle?

Ice Princess

What is the birth name of Michelle Trachtenberg?

Michelle Trachtenberg's birth name is Michelle Christine Trachtenberg.

What Michelle in Korean?

Michelle kwanz? The figure ice skater?

When was Michelle Trachtenberg born?

Michelle Trachtenberg was born on October 11, 1985.

What is Michelle Kwan know for?

Michelle Kwan is known for being a figure skater.

What Michelle kwan especially good at when she was young?

Figure skating

Who was Michelle kwan's favorite figure skater?

Michelle Kwan was inspired to become a figure skater at age 5 in 1985 by her older brother Ron. He played on a local hockey team.

Who is a famous figure skater with the last name of kwan?

Michelle Kwan

What figure skater dropped out of 2006 Winter Olympics?

Michelle Kwan.

Who is Michelle trachtenberg dating?

she is single.

Is Michelle Trachtenberg Jewish?


Michelle Trachtenberg speaks what language besides English?

Michelle Trachtenberg speaks Russian in addition to English.