Is Michael foreman dead

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: Is Michael foreman dead
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What is Sean foreman full name?

Sean Michael foreman

Who was Michael Foreman?

Michael Foreman was an author and other people may say many things that he is but he is an AUTHOR!

What year was Michael foreman born?

Michael Foreman was born on March 21st, 1938 in Pakefield, Suffolk

What inspires michael foreman when he visit st ives?

what inspires Michael foreman when he visits st ives

Who illustrated born to run by Michael Morpurgo?

Michael foreman

What School did Michael Foreman go?


Who wrote the book war and peas?

Michael Foreman

Who illustrated War Horse?

Michael Foreman illustrated war horse by Michael Morpurgo

What does Michael foreman live?

he live in africa (bnew zealand)

Does Michael foreman have any pets?

I don't know but he might

What does Michael foreman enjoy drawing?

He prefers drawing.

Where did Michael Foreman grow up?

Suffolk near a fishing lake