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Michael BALLACK is a German football (or soccer) player.

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Q: Is Michael basllack a German soccer player?
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Who was the best soccer player in 2001?

Michael Owen

Who is a famous soccer player from Lebanon?

A famous soccer player from Lebanon is Rida Anter. Currently, he plays in German soccer team after his famous talent.

Why do some people think Michael Bogart is the best soccer player in the world?

They DO NOT! NOBODY does! He is a stuck up, bad soccer player!

What does Michael Obi's wife enjoy doing?

Soccer player Michael Obi does not have a wife as of 2015.

What soccer team did Michael Jordan play for?

Michael Johnson played soccer for Manchester City. The 24yr old was tipped to have a career as an England player.

Who is the greatest German soccer player of all time?

Franz Beckenbauer

Who is Michael Owens?

Michael Owen is a footballer who plays for Newcastle United, England and plays for the national side. He is one of their main attacking strickers and wears no.10

Who is the greatest Asian soccer player ever?

I think chabum who was a Korean soccer player is the best asian player ever. He played in German league and he is one the greatest players there.

Soccer in German?

"Fußball" is German for soccer.

Who is zinadine zidanes favourite soccer player?

maybe it is Ronoldhino or Michael Platini.

Who is a famous sports star in Germany?

Michael Schuhmacher, former Formula 1 Driver Michael Ballack, Soccer player

Who was the top rated player at 2006 soccer world cup?

It was the German Miraslov klosse.