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yes but there are other people who help him design it

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Q: Is Michael Jordan the creator of Air Jordans an jordans?
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What are Michael Jordans nacknames?

Michael Jordans nicknames are "Air Jordan",and "His airness"

Did Nike invent Jordans or Jordans invented Nike?

nike invented the jordans but later it got modified by Michael Jordan

What charity does Michael Jordan own?


Where do they make Air Jordans?

They Make Air Jordans because Michael Jordan is a legendary player

How many pairs of Jordans do michael Jordan have?

He kept six pairs of every type of Jordans.

What is Michael Jordans full name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan..

What is Michael Jordan's IQ?

154 is Michael jordans IQ

What is Michael Jordans birth name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

When did Michael Jordan make the Air Jordans?


Did Michael Jordan invent jordans?

He had a say in the designs of them

What is Michael Jordans brothers name?

paul Jordan

What will Michael Jordan do now?

Make new Jordans

What does Michael Jordan sell or provide?

Air Jordans!

What was Michael Jordans moms name?

Delores Jordan

What is Michael Jordans daughters name?

jasmine Jordan

What was Michael Jordans dad name?

Jeffery Jordan

Did Michael Jordan design the first Air Jordans?


What are the most expensive Air Jordans?

They are in Michael Jordan's closet.

What types of shoes does Michael Jordan wear?

Air Jordans

What was Michael Jordans best dunk?

Michael Jordan's best dunk was air Jordan maybe

Michael Jordans signature number?

Michael Jordan's signature number is 23.

What are the names of Michael Jordan's children?

iiididiwhat are Michael jordans children names

What color are Michael Jordan eyes?

Michael jordans eyes are the colour brown

When was Michael Jordans rookie season?

Michael Jordan Rookie year was in 1984.

Why has Michael Jordan stopped making Jordans?

They have not stopped making Air Jordans. The Air Jordan XX3 is the last numbered Air Jordan, but the line will continue with the Air Jordan 2009.