Is Mia Hamm the top soccer player?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes, in international competition she scored 158 goals which is more than any female OR male in history.

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Yes Mia Hamm is the best woman's soccer layer in the nation! she scored the most international goals than man or woman.

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Q: Is Mia Hamm the top soccer player?
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What subject was mia hamm best at?

Mia Hamm was best at soccer and she still is known as one of the top female athletes eventhough she has retired

What are the top female sports players in the world?

mia hamm and Lisa Leslie

Who is the leading scorer for US?

On the men's side it's Landon Donovan. He has scored 37 goals for the US men's national soccer team.The top scorer for the US women's team is Mia Hamm who scored 158 goals in her international career.

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Who are the top 5 women soccer players in the world?

The true answer to this question is what you feel, since it is an opinion and not a fact. But some people would consider these five women, five of the best in the world. Marta Mia Hamm Kristine Lilly Julie Foudy Brandie Chastain

Did the US Women's soccer team win gold in Rio?

I think that for now in late 2010 yes, and our Fifa Ranking is number 1, thanks to Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, and Abby Wambach who are our top scorers.

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Who is the top soccer player and why?

1. Renaldo 2.Messi

Who is the top highest paid soccer player?

lonie mesi

Where did Mia Hamm grow up?

her brother died of a bone marrow disease

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