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There is no such thing as the best country in the world.

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Q: Is Mexico the best country in the world?
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What is the country Mexico's world education?

Mediocre at best: Mexico's "student life expectancy" is of 13.6 years (barely finishing high-school).

What is the best way to get to Mexico City from Mexico?

Mexico City is IN Mexico; it is the capital of such country.

What country has the best marijuana?


Which is the first country in the world?


What country is the best in plastic surgeries?

The United States, followed by Mexico. Source: World Development Indicators Database

What country is the word llama from?

The world llama is from the country of Mexico

Which country is the most populated catholic country and the world's third country?


What is 15th largest country in the world?


What country has more drugs in the world?


Is Mexico a second world countrey?

No. Mexico is a third world country. However, it's level of development qualifies it as an "emerging market" or "developing country".

Who is the best goalie in Mexico?

Ochoa from America is the best goalie in Mexico and he might be one of the best in the world

Which country is the best for plastic surgeries?

According to the World Development Indicators Database the United States leads the world in number of plastic surgeries, followed by Mexico.