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Matt Cassel was acquired by the Kansas City Chiefs for a 2008 second round draft pick. He recently signed a 6 year contract.

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He joined the Chiefs in 2009 and has played for them ever since.

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Q: Is Matt cassel going to the Kansas City Chiefs?
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Is Matt cassel in the electric company?

No, Matt Cassel plays in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Is Matt cassel first string?

At present Cassel is the first string quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Will the New England Patriots trade Matt Cassel?

Matt Cassel was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs

Who are the quarterbacks for the 2010 Kansas City Chiefs?

Matt Cassel, Tyler Palko, and Brodie Croyle.

Where will Matt cassell be playing next season?

Matt Cassel will play for the Kansas City Chiefs this year

Was Matt cassel a good choose for Kansas City Chiefs?

Yes, the Chiefs only gave up a 2nd round pick and he is certainly a legitimate NFL QB. Cassel is also a huge improvement over what the Chiefs have used at the position in the last few years.

Has anyone made it to the NFL even though they did not start in high school or college?

Matt Cassel of the Kansas City Chiefs never started in college.

Who was the back up for Tom Brady this past season?

The back up quarterback for the 2008 New England Patriots was Matt Cassel. Brady was hurt in the first quarter of the first game versus the Kansas City Chiefs. The injury was season ending. At that point Matt Cassel became the starting quarterback for the Patriots for the remainder of the season. Brady has recovered from the injury and will once again be starting for the Patriots, while Matt Cassel was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Where does Matt cassel live?

he lived on 3rd street in manhatten beach in California before he moved to kannsas he was my neiborgh

When was the last time Philip Rivers beat Tom Brady?

He never has, unless when you count 2008 when Brady was out and Cassel was starting.

Who rides the Kansas City Chiefs horse Warpaint?

Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader, Susie Derouchey

What city does Kansas City Chiefs represent?

Kansas City, Missouri.