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Q: Is Mario and sonic Olympics multiplayer?
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What is the coolest sonic game?

Mario&sonic at the winter Olympics

Why do Mario and Sonic go to the Olympics?

Eggman and bowser plan to ruin the Olympics, when sonic and Mario hear this they come together to stop the villans plans

What are all cheats for Sonic and Mario at the Olympics?

It's Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. And there are no cheats for the game.

Will there be another Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games?

yes. but its Mario&sonic at the WINTER Olympics there is another one coming out in 2012, and it is the Mario and sonic at the olympic games 2012

What are all the Sonic the Hedgehog games and what systems are they on?

sonic generation play station 3 sonic colors wii sonic and the black night wii sonic rush ds sonic and mario winter olympics wii sonic and mario london olympics wii thats all i know

Is Mario and sonic at the Olympics good for ds?

One of my friends had Mario and Sonic the Olympic games for the DS, and he says it's only minigames and it has nothing to do with the olympics, so probably not.

Can you reply bosses on Mario and Sonic winter Olympics games?


Is Mario Sonic Olympic Games WiFi?

yes Only for posting scores, no multiplayer.

Will Silver the hedgehog be in Mario and Sonic at the winter Olympics?

yes along with mephiles and metal sonic

What characters are in the power type at winter Olympics Mario and Sonic?


Will Mario and sonic be in more games together other then the Olympics?


Is wrestling in Mario and sonic at the London 2012 Olympics games?