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Q: Is Marc Andre Fleury related to Theo Fleury?
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How tall is Theo Fleury?

Theo Fleury is 5' 6".

What is the birth name of Theo Fleury?

Theo Fleury's birth name is Theoren Wallace Fleury.

When was Theo Fleury born?

Theo Fleury was born on June 29, 1968, in Oxbow, Saskatchewan, Canada.

How can you contact Theo Fleury?


Is Theo Fleury broke?

No, he's written a book and has made money from it.

In hockey who wore number fourteen?

Dave Keon, Brendan Shanahan, Theo Fleury, Kent Nilsson, Dave Andreychuk

What actors and actresses appeared in Victor Walk - 2014?

The cast of Victor Walk - 2014 includes: Theo Fleury Becky Goodwin Zoran Zelic

What movie and television projects has Theo Fleury been in?

Theo Fleury has: Played Calgary Flames Center in "Flames 88-89" in 1989. Played Team Canada Forward in "Gold Rush 2002" in 2002. Played himself in "The Hour" in 2005. Played himself in "Battle of the Blades" in 2009. Played Himself - Guest Judge in "Battle of the Blades" in 2009. Played himself in "Score: A Hockey Musical" in 2010. Played himself in "The Being Frank Show" in 2010. Played himself in "Theo Fleury: Playing with Fire" in 2011. Played Special Guest in "Employee of the Week" in 2012. Performed in "Victor Walk" in 2014.

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