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Old Trafford (the home of Manchester United) falls under the borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester but is a short distance from the Salford borough limits so technically it is in neither.

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Q: Is Manchester united in salford or actually in Manchester?
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What country is Manchester United?

In Salford, Greater Manchester, England, UK.

Where does Manchester United FC play?

Old Trafford, in Salford, Manchester

How many Manchester united fans are there in Manchester?

none they are all from salford or london

Is Salford in Greater Manchester?


What is the most visited place in Manchester?


When and where was baseball player Jack Burns born?

Jack Burns was born May 13, 1878, in Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Where does Ryan Giggs live?

in the village of Worsley in Salford Manchester

Where is dannii minogues boyfriend Kris smith from?

Salford, Manchester.

What is the contact number for the Lowry Hotel in Manchester?

The contact number for the Lowry Hotel in Manchester is +44 161 827 4000, their location is at 50 Dearmans PL Salford, Manchester M3 5LH, United Kingdom.

Is Manchester united a Manchester club?

no manchester united is in the metropolitan borough of trafford , which is in the county of GREATER MANCHESTER ,along with other such metropolitan borough 's like bolton , wigan, oldham ,salford ,rochdale,tameside,and bury . The club moved out of the city of manchester around 1910 , when it moved from newton heath to old trafford .

Where is Salford Council based?

Salford Council is based out of the United Kingdom. To be exact it is based from the Salford Civic Centre which is on Chorley Road in Swinton Salford.

What part of England did joy division originate from?

Greater Manchester (Salford)

Where is the rugby league stadium in Manchester?

THE WILLOWS - Willows Road, Salford Greater Manchester is the most optional to the centre of Manchester (UK)

Where are the headquarters of Radio 5?

The BBC Radio 5 headquarters is located at MediaCityUK on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal in Salford and Trafford, Greater Manchester. The address is The Greenhouse, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2EQ.

Is old trafford in Manchester?

Old Trafford is in the borough of Trafford, which along with the Cities of Manchester and Salford and nine other boroughs make up Greater Manchester.

What is the historic significance of Salford Quays in Manchester United Kingdom?

Salford Quays in Manchester were opened in 1864 by Queen Victoria ,the quays which covered 1000 acres of land and 120 acres of water were once the busiest port in Britain.When the industry declined the area was regenerated and currently house galleries and theatres among other amenities.

How many miles between leiston suffolk and Manchester salford quays?

259 miles

When was Martyn Hesford born?

Martyn Hesford was born in Salford, in Manchester, England, UK.

What has the author S Reece written?

S. Reece has written: 'Guide to Manchester and Salford'

When was Ewan MacColl born?

Ewan MacColl was born on January 25, 1915, in Broughton, Salford, Lancashire [now in Salford, Greater Manchester], England, UK.

Where does Paul Scholes come from?

Paul Scholes is an English football player who has spent his whole career at Manchester United Football Club. Scholes was born in Salford, which is a city in Greater Manchester, England (UK) on 16th November 1974.

Who is Paul Scholes?

Paul Scholes (born November 16, 1974 in Salford) is a retired English footballer, who spent his entire 20-year senior career with Manchester United.

Where is Coronation Street set?

It is set in Weatherfield, a fictional suburb of Manchester in England. The set for the program where it is filmed is in Salford Quays, near Manchester.

Which are the two closest cities in the UK?

Manchester and Salford are two cities whose boundries touch.

Where is kempnough brook river?

kempnough brook is in worsley woods in worsley,salford,greater Manchester