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Yes it is a football team in the English Premier League.

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Q: Is Manchester United a football team?
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Is Liverpool the best football team or is Manchester United?

Manchester United are the better team.

What is is ariana grande favourite football team?

Manchester United

Who are the Strongest English football team of decade?

Manchester United Manchester United

Who has bin a football team longer Manchester city or Manchester united?

The mighty reds! ( Manchester united )

Are Manchester Utd?

Manchester United are a Team in the Football League - Barclays Premier League. They are the BEST Football Team in the World.

Which football team has won the most in football?

Manchester united!

Who is the first team coach of Manchester United?

Phil Neville is the first team coach of Manchester United Football Club.

Who is the manager of the football team Manchester United?

the Manchester united manager is sir Alex Ferguson

Is Manchester United an Italian team?

No Manchester United are a English football club, with American owners.

What ground do the Manchester United football team play at?

Manchester United play at Old Trafford.

What is the official color of the Manchester United football team?

The official color of Manchester United is RED

Which football team is the worst?

Manchester United

What is Freddie mercury's favourite football team?

it was manchester united

Where online can one purchase a Manchester United football team badge?

One can purchase a Manchester United football team badge online from several different places. Some of the places online that one can purchase a Manchester United football team badge are: Daily Mall, and World Soccer Shop.

Which football team has the best football pitch in England?

Manchester city then manchester united then third blackburn

What football team is better Manchester united or Manchester city?

man. u

What football team does beckham support?

Manchester united

Who is best football team in England?

Manchester united

What football team does wiley support?

Manchester united

What is ushers favorite football team?

Manchester united

What football team does rihanna support?

Manchester United

What football team does god sport?

Manchester UNITED

What football team does peter Andre?

Manchester United

What is Harry Styles favorite football soccer team?

Manchester United

What is most popular football team?

At The Moment The Most Popular Football Team In The World Is Manchester United