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dry heat

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Q: Is Los Angeles California known for dry heat or for humidity?
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What is the difference between wet heat disinfect and dry heat disinfect?

Dry heat is heat without humidity, and wet heat is heat with a lot of humidity.

Does Alabama have dry heat or high humidity?

Usually, there is significant humidity associated with the heat in Alabama.

What are the release dates for The Sound of Heat - 2011?

The Sound of Heat - 2011 was released on: USA: 14 July 2011 (Los Angeles, California)

What does humidity do for you body?

"its not the heat , its the humidity" usually means it is the the humidity that cools your body temperature down .

What is a sentence to define humidity?

humidity means the heat which leads to sweating

Moisture is to humidity as warmth is to?


What is the difference between heat and humidity?

heat refers to the amount of high temperature in air.... and humidity refers to the amount of water in air.....

Where in southeast Asia can you find less heat and humidity?

The mountain ranges will have climate similar to California's mountain ranges during summer and early fall; this includes the rainfall. Southeast Asia's ranges probably will not get any snow (although it felt like it sometimes), whereas California's mountain ranges do get snow. Louisiana and the Sacramento Valley of California both have similar "humidity & heat" to the Mekong Delta during their hot summers. Which is probably why California's central valley is also strong in rice agriculture.

What type of heat is removed when humidity is removed from the air?

Latent Heat

When did Sally Menke die?

Sally Menke died on September 27, 2010, in Los Angeles, California, USA of heat stroke.

Why do your feet swell in the humidity and heat?

the atoms inside your feet get bigger in heat

When humidity is 80 and temperature is 85 what is heat index?

It's approximately 97 degrees.Related Information:At any temperature, the higher the humidity, the higher the heat index is.