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Q: Is Liverpool fc the best team in the world?
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What is the best pro soccer team in the world?

Liverpool fc!

What soccer team is the best in the world?

Liverpool FC or Real Madrid

Liverpool fc how good?

Well i think Liverpool are the best team in England so paracetamoxyfrusibendroneomyci

Are Liverpool fc the best team in the world?

No, Arsenal FC is but Liverpool are a close second, tied with some other teams...

Liverpool fc are the best?

yes, Liverpool are the best team in the world and have been since 1892. Justice for the 96 YNWA.

Are Liverpool fc the best team in Britain?

Liverpool is the best team in Britain with 18 titles, but man u have got 19. With king Kenny back we will rise up and maybe become the best team in the world.

Who are the best football team ever?

Liverpool FC

What is the worlds best soccer team?

Liverpool FC

Who is the best tam in the world?

Liverpool fc

Which team win always?

fc Barcelona and ac milan are the best team and the next team is Liverpool also it is a good team

Is Liverpool fc Irish?

Liverpool FC is an english team based in Merseyside, England.

Are Liverpool fc the best?

That's true the best team in the world. I think

Is Liverpool FC a good football team?

Yeah FC Livberpool is a good football team.

What other team apart from Liverpool plays at annfield?

Only Liverpool FC and Liverpool FC reserves play at Anfield.

Ar Liverpool fc the best?

yes they are better than any other team

Who is better Liverpool FC or Peterborough FC?

Liverpool FC, because of the amount of trophies in the Liverpool FC trophy cabinet, and due to the fact that Liverpool FC are a Premier League team and Peterborough FC are a Championship team, Liverpool FC are a better team. However, this is partially because they have a bigger budget and higher profile than Peterborough FC, Liverpool FC being an internationally recognised team. But who knows, Peterborough have a lot of good players and may get to Premier League level yet! Also the fact that the infrastructure of the ground and the amount of new faces we are seeing at Peterborough. you can just think how their future may just look.

Who does Andy carrol play for?

Andy carrol plays for the best team ever Liverpool fc.

What team does Raul Meireles play for?

Liverpool fc

Who is the best team in farnborough?

farnborough fc the best team in the world

Who was his best football team?

Liverpool fc

Who is Liverpool FC?

Liverpool Football Club is a professional association football club based in Liverpool. Liverpool FC are the English team in the Barclays Premier League. The club was founded in 1892.

Is Barcelona the best team in the world?

YES! fc barcelona is the best team.

Who is the the best soccer midfielder in the world?

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool FC & England

Who are the best football team?

Without a doubt, Liverpool FC are the best football team in the world!! Not only are they the most successful English football team in history, but they have amazing fans who will support them forever. Manchester United are officially the worst football team ever.

What are some of the solutions currently in place to stop too much environmental damage caused by quarrying?

Ashlyn Govender is currently best soccer player in the world. He is currently signing a contract with Liverpool FC which are the best team in the world.