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Liverpool is a city in England

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is liverpool a large city ?

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Q: Is Liverpool a large city
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Was Liverpool in World War 2?

Because it was a large industrial city & a major port

Complete the sentence 2008 was Liverpool's year as Capital of?

Liverpool was the 2008 City of Culture. Liverpool is a large citry in the NW of England. Bill Shankley said it has 2 great football teams: Liverpool & Liverpool reserves !

Is Liverpool a village town or city?

Liverpool is a city.

Is liver pool an urban area?

Liverpool is a large city and a port so it is an urban area

Is Liverpool near to Ireland?

Liverpool is a large city in England, not Ireland. There are many people of Irish descent in Liverpool, and it is sometimes referred to, jokingly, as "The Capital of Ireland" but this IS only a joke.

Is Liverpool a City?

Liverpool is Football Club

Is liverpool a coutry?

No, Liverpool is a city in the country of England.

Is Liverpool a London boroughs?

No. Liverpool is an entirely different city.

What is the clostest city to Dublin in the British isles?


What city and country were the beatles from?

Maybe Liverpool, England

What has the author Liverpool City Council written?

Liverpool City Council has written: 'Smithdown ward profile'

Is Liverpool the poorest city in Europe?

No. In fact, Liverpool is one of the richest.