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Not particularly, Although Liverpool is an excessively catholic team

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Q: Is Liverpool a Catholic team yes or no?
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Who is in Liverpool Football Club?

they are the red soccer team from liverpool, England. they were originally a catholic organization.

Does Liverpool have a ladies football team?

Yes Liverpool has a ladies football team.

Does Liverpool have a womens team?

Yes, they do.

Is chealsea beter than Liverpool?

Yes Chelsea are a better team then Liverpool.

Are Liverpool a football team?

Yes, Liverpool FC based at anfield stadium

Is everton in Liverpool?

Yes it is, they are an alright footie team....Everton is a district of Liverpool

Is Liverpool the best team in the world?

yes they are

Has there always been a team from Liverpool in the top flight?

Yes Liverpool was also relegated.

Is Liverpool the best football team ever?

Liverpool is the best team ever! I am telling you the truth! Do you want to know who is the worst team is...Manchester United!!

Will you play for Liverpool fc?

if you play well in Liverpool get scouted and then play well in the youth team. yes

Is Man you the best team is Liverpool the best team?

Yes Man u is the best team in the world and in history. No Liverpool is good team but not the best in world and man u have about 1 millon fans and liverpool have only 1 hundred fans.

What is the population of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool?

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool's population is 1,100,000.