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Anthony Hamilton is Lewis Hamilton's dad and former manager

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Q: Is Lewis Hamilton related to Anthony Hamilton?
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Who coached Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton was coached by his father, Anthony.

Who is Lewis Hamilton's dad?


Who is Lewis Hamilton dads name?


Is there a picture of Lewis Hamilton and Anthony Hamilton?

Yes, there is. Go on Google images and type in "Lewis Hamilton and Anthony Hamiltion" and if you scroll down you should find one.

Who were Lewis Hamilton's parents?

Brenda Lockhart is his mum and Anthony Hamilton is his dad.

What is Lewis Hamilton's mum and dads name?

The name of Lewis Hamilton's dad is Anthony Hamilton and his mothers name is Carmen Larbalestier (currently Carmen Lockhart) His parents are separated and currently Lewis stays with his dad and step mother.

What kind of website is Anthony Hamilton?

The website of Anthony Hamilton is a music related website. It offers information about events and provides you with news about Hamilton. In addition, you can look at photos and videos of Hamilton.

Does anyone have a contact email address for Lewis Hamilton or someone in his team?

According to, fan mail can be addressed to Lewis Hamilton at: Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton Motorsport Ltd. c/o Corporatec Ltd. 32 St James's Street London, SW1A 1HD The webpage also shows an e-mail address of 'anthony at'. Anthony is the name of Lewis' father, maybe that address is another way to contact him.

Is Lewis hamilton related to Bethany Hamilton?

No because Lewis Hamilton is a race car driver who was born and raised, and still currently lives in Britain. Bethany Hamilton was born in Hawaii and her family is all America-born.

What is the birth name of Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton's birth name is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton.

What is Lewis Hamilton's full name?

Lewis Hamilton's full name is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton.

Is Lewis Hamilton tall?

Lewis Hamilton is 1.74m tall.

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