Is Leo missie the best soccer player?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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no. Leo Messi is.

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Q: Is Leo missie the best soccer player?
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Who is brcolana's best player?

leo missie

Who is brcolana player?

leo missie

Who is the best soccer player present?

Kaka is the best

Best soccer player in the world?

Easy Leo Messi G.O.A.T

Who is the world's best soccer player 2010?

Leo Messi Club: FC Barcelona Nation: Argentina

Who is the word's greatest soccer player?

Leo Messi

Who is the first best soccer player right now?

the best soccer player in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is the best foootball player in the world?

Leo Messi is The best football player in the world <3

Who is the best player in 2010?

Like alway leo messi has been name as the best player in the intire world.

Best football player in New Zealand?

Leo Bertos and Wiremu Patrick

Is Leo Messi best player 2010?

Messi has been selected as the best player of 2010 by FIFA. I think he deserves it. you can understand that when you look at his play.

Why is messi the best soccer player?

i think he is because now Ronald is injured. i don't know why dose Madrid buys him at £80m and he plays about 5-7 games but now he cant but if u think about Messi hes got a good dribbling and shoot and even he can take ever ones easily just like he is playing with kids. YESanyone who play's for barca must be a good player and he is amazing