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Q: Is LeBron James mom live
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How tall is LeBron James Mom?


What is LeBron James mom name?

Gloria James

What is LeBron James' mom's name?

Gloria James

What is Lebron James's mom's name?

Gloria James

Where does lebron James live in Miami?

where does lebron james live in miami fl

What is Lebron's mom name?

Gloria James

Where LeBron James mom born?


Who are LeBron James' mom and dad's name?

Lebron James was born to the parents of Gloria James and Anthony McClelland.

What was Lebron James mom and dad name?

Gloria James (his mom) and Anthony mcClelland (his dad)

Who does LeBron James kiss at every halftime?

His mom Gloria James.

How old was lebron James when his mom died?

she was 99

How tall is LeBron James' mom?

She's 7'8

What are LeBron James significance?

He has no rings! And one of his teammates rode his mom! I hate lebron james! Team dallas!

How old is LeBron James mom?

Gloria James Is 39 Years Old

Were did LeBron James live?


What happened Lebron James?

He never met him because his dad left his mom and lebron when she had a baby.

Does Lebron James have any big memories of his mom?


Are Edgerrin and LeBron James cousins?

Gloria James (his mom) and Anthony McClelland (his dad)

What happened LeBron James dad?

He never met him because his dad left his mom and lebron when she had a baby.

How does LeBron James impact on how you live today?

In NO WAY does LeBron James have an impact on my life to this very day.

Who does Miami Heat kiss at halftime?

LeBron James' mom, Gloria.

Does LeBron James have a brother?

Techniquely No, but he does have a brother, just not from the same mom. :]

Who is the lady Miami Heat players kiss after game?

Lebron James Mom

Did delonta west sleep with lebron James mom?

yes. all the time.

Did lebron James get took away for him mom?

NO, she was with him up until he became a pro.