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Q: Is Larry Johnson of ny knicks a Muslim?
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What is Adam Gontier's favorite sport?

Ny jets ny yankees ny rangers Ny knicks

What is Adam's favorite sports team?

Ny jets ny yankees ny rangers Ny knicks

What number is Amir'e Soudemire on the NY Knicks?


Who was number 3 on the ny knicks?

Tracy McGrady

Who do you think will win these games dallas mavericks at pistons n bobcats ny knicks what about the lakers at bulls?

win:mavericks, knicks , LAKERS!!

Who did ny knicks beat for championship?

The New York Knicks beat the L.A Lakers both 1969-1970 and 1972-1973.

Who wore number 8 for the 1970 NY Knicks?

dick barnett

Who was the previous owner of the ny knicks before cablevision?

Jay Z

What is Adam Sandler's favorite sports team?

i know is Boston he told me when i saw him in Hollywood

Name the coach of the NY Knicks when they won the NBA title?

Red Holzman

What team did willis reed play for?

NY Knicks Wow what kind of question is that

How much does a floor seat cost in a ny knicks game?