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Q: Is Lance Armstrong the founder of LiveStrong?
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What cyclist cancer survivor and Livestrong founder was born on September 18 1971?

Lance Armstrong

What was the name of Lance Armstrong's advocacy campaign?


The Livestrong bracelet is a fundraiser for whose foundation?

Lance Armstrong

Who founded the LiveStrong foundation?

The LiveStrong foundation was founded by Lance Armstrong in order to provide support and resources for individuals affected by cancer. It is also a trademark of the Lance Armstrong foundation.

Does Livestrong also support suicide prevention?

Lance Armstrong's organisation Livestrong does not support suicide prevention.

When did Lance Armstrong found the Livestrong Foundation?

Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer on October 2nd, 1996.

What brand of cycling gloves does Lance Armstrong use?

Lance Armstrong wears black fingerless Nike gloves when he is cycling. He endorses Nike and Livestrong.

Where can I purchase a Lance Armstrong Livestrong silicone bracelet online? I also saw several on ebay and

What is Livestrong?

Livestrong bracelets were made for the Lance Armstrong Foundation in 2004 to raise money for cancer survivorship. It is made from yellow silicone and many other charities have copied the idea.

What words were printed on the silicone bracelet that Lance Armstrong wore?

Lance Armstrong is known to wear a yellow silcone bracelet. What words are printed on that bracelet? Pretty sure it is "Livestrong"

Who is livestronng?

The Lance Armstrong Foundation set up Livestrong as a support organization for cancer patients. They have a web site '' and sells Livestrong products to support the organization.

Where can I find more information on lance Armstrong running shoes ?

Try to read the review about lance armstrong running shoes at livestrong, runnersworld, and runningshoesguru online. You can find more information about the product.