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yes he is he does it every year

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Q: Is Kurt warner really a part time hand model?
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Where do you find the video clip ESPN did about Kurt Warner hand modeling?


What kind of glove does Kurt Warner Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger use on their throwing hand?


In what year did Kurt warner leave the rams?

Kurt Warner's final season with the Rams was 2003. Warner had a broken hand in the 2003 season and played in only 2 games after playing in only 7 games in the 2002 season due to a broken finger. The Rams released him in June, 2004 and he signed with the New York Giants.

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It is for sure possible to do so, it is just not effective for everyone. There have been multiple successful quarterbacks in NFL history that have worn gloves on their throwing hand, Kurt Warner is one for example. It can effect ones ability as far as accuracy and spiral are concerned because of the grip on the ball. On the other hand it can be very efficient for someone who doesn't have very big hands because it will help you move around in the backfield with the ball in your hand without worrying about fumbling.

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