Is Kris Letang French

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Kris Letang is French-Canadian.

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Q: Is Kris Letang French
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How tall is Kris Letang?

NHL player Kris Letang is 6'-01''.

What is Kris Letang's middle name?

Kris Letang's middle name is Allen.

What NHL team does Kris Letang play for?

Kris Letang plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What position does Kris Letang play?

Kris Letang plays defense for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Where was Kris Letang born?

Kris Letang was born in Montreal, Quebec on 04-24-87.

What is Kris Letang's number on the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Kris Letang is number 58 on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Does Kris Letang shoot right or left?

NHL player Kris Letang shoots right.

How much does Kris Letang weigh?

NHL player Kris Letang weighs 200 pounds.

Does Kris Letang have a brother?

No, Kris Letang doesn't have any children.

What color are Kris letangs eyes?

Kris Letang has brown eyes.

Who is Kris Letang's girlfriend?

As of July 2014, Kris Letang's girlfriend is named Catherine Laflamme. The couple had one child together in the 2012.

How old is Kristopher Letang?

Kristopher "Kris" Letang is 30 years old (birthdate: April 24, 1987).