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Yes. She competes for Auburn University, and has won a Silver and Bronze medal for swimming, in the 2004 Olympics. These are Zimbabwe's 2nd and 3rd medals ever. The first was for Field Hockey, in 1980 (a boycotted Olympics). Fambai zhakanaka! Her events were: 100-meter Backstroke (SILVER) 200-meter Individual Medley (BRONZE) Tatenda! Personal: Full name is Kirsty Leigh Coventry ... Parents are Rob and Lyn Coventry ... Born Sept. 16, 1983 ... Hometown is Harare, Zimbabwe ... First Zimbabwe swimmer to win an Olympic Medal... Kirsty Coventry hopes the swimming medals she won for Zimbabwe at the Olympic Games will lift people's spirits in a country engulfed in political and economic chaos. Don't forget, there's still the 200-meter backstroke (on August 20), where she is also a medal contender! Definitely she is a represantative of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a multi - racial Country and Kirsty is a native of Zimbabwe. She is just studying in the USA but that does not make her an American. People should appreaciate the good from our nation and avoid treating every good thing from Zimbabwe in negative terms. Is Gatlin competing from America? Absolutely. VIVA Zimbabwe Long Live our motherland - VIVA Kirsty

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Q: Is Kirsty Coventry competing in the Olympics from Zimbabwe in swimming?
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