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no, Larry Bird is.

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Q: Is Kevin Garnett the best 3-point shooter in NBA basketball?
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Why did Kevin Garnett start playing basketball?

becauase he loves basketball!!

What NBA Basketball player spit on a girl?

Kevin Garnett

Who is the greatest basketball player that ever lived?

Kevin garnett

What are the highest paid basketball players of 2007-2008?

Kevin garnett

Which famous basketball player wore the number 21?

Kevin Garnett

Dwyane Wade is the best basketball player in the world?

No Kevin Garnett is

How old was Kevin garnett when he first played nba basketball?


Who is gets paid the most in basketball?

As of now Kevin Garnett is the highest pid basketball player.

Who were some famous basketball players who wore number 5?

Kevin Garnett

What was the name of Kevin Garnett's high school basketball team?

Faragutt Academy

What does Kevin Garnett do when he's not playing basketball?

He catches my Mom's school bus.

What is Kevin Garnett's full name?

Kevin Maurice Garnett is Kevin Garnett's full name.

How did Kevin garnett become famous?

Kevin Garnett became famous when he4 began playing basketball in the NBA. As of 2014 he plays the position of power forward for the Nets.

Does Kevin Garnett still play basketball today?

Yes, he plays for the Boston Celtics.

What is the name of the basketball agent who represents Kevin Garnett and what is the name of the agency?

Ben Dover

Who is better at basketball carmelo Anthony or Kevin garnett?

Carmelo Anthony is way better

What famous basketball players wore number 5?

Kevin Garnett, Dee Brown

How much was the highest paid player in basketball in 2008?

Kevin Garnett with 23,750,000 dolars

What is a created name for a basketball player?

KG which is for Kevin Garnett the best player ever

Who is the Minnesota High School Basketball all-time scoring leader?

Kevin Garnett

How much does kevin garnett earn?

Kevin Maurice Garnett is the power forward of Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association. As of 2014, his annual earnings is 12.44 million USD .

Does Kevin garnett have any kids?

Kevin Garnett has a son.

Paul pierce vs Kevin garnett?

Kevin garnett

Is Dwyane Wade better than Kevin Garnett?

yes Dwyane is a better overall basketball player however Kevin Garnett is a better post player, rebounder and defensive player.

Who is the highest paid basketball player in the world?

Kevin Garnett is, at $24.75M a year (2008-9).