Is Kelly Kelly Better than Jillian?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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kelly kelly of course because kelly kelly is great at what she does and jillian sucks!

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Q: Is Kelly Kelly Better than Jillian?
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Is Kelly Kelly better than Maria?

No way in hell is Kelly Kelly better than Maria! sure she's improving, but Maria has always been better and always will be better,plus she's hotter:Duhhh no kelly kelly is way better than maria she has improved alot and maria has never been in like a title hunt like kelly kelly is now and kelly kelly is way prettier :D

Is Beth Phoenix a better wrestler than kelly kelly?


Who is strong maria or kelly kelly?

Kelly Kelly is much better in the ring than Maria

Is maria better than kelly kelly?

Maria is WAY HOTTER than Kelly Kelly and I also think she's better than her at wrestling.R U SURE ABOUT THAT BUB.

Who is better Jillian of Alica Fox?

It is subjective and depends on personal preference. Both Jillian Hall and Alicia Fox are talented wrestlers who have made significant contributions to the industry in their own ways.

Who is hoter mcool or kelly kelly?

Kelly Kelly is way better because she has a better butt and as a madder a fact she has the best one of all the WWE divas. Plus she hotter than Michelle Mcool.I'm not saying Michelle Mcool is not hot she is, but Kelly Kelly is way hotter.

Who was jillian harris outfit by that she wore on live with regis and kelly on 060109?

Anthropologie's "Walk-A-Ways" dress in orange.

Is Whitney Hosten better than Kelly Clarkson?

at snorting coke yes

Who is a better diva kelly kelly or Melina?

Kelly Kelly is certainly the better diva. Melina is ugly and all. But Kelly Kelly, man, she is smokin' hot.

Does jillian love Sarah more than Sarah loves jillian?

no Sarah loves jilliian more(: <3

How tall is Jillian Hurley?

Jill Ireland is 5' 7".

Is Kelly tires better than Yokahoma and Michelin tires?

They all make excellent tires.