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Kane's face is not burned. The terrifying story behind Kane's wearing of the mask was the creative work of Katie Vick.

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Q: Is Kane face really burnt
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How did Kane brn his face?

I think Kane burnt his face in a inferno match

What happen during kane's accident did it affect his face?

he was burnt by the undertaker when he was young

How did wwe wrestler Kane get his face burnt?

in storyline by the Undertaker in real life his face hasn't been burned

Was it really Kane when he wore the mask?

Yes, it was Kane who wore the red and black mask. He wore it because he was badly burnt.

What coler is Kane's face?

Kane's masked face is black and red. Kane's face unmasked was believed to be scarred from a fire, but really was not and looked normal and matched the rest of his skin color.

Why did Kane wore red full sleeves in 1995?

he WA supposedly burnt up the arms torso and face

Did Undertaker really burn his brother Kane's face?

No, that was just a storyline.

Who burnt Kane's face?

Well, it was actually a tragic accident involving Burt and Welding Man, and yes, I think you'll find his name isn't Kane, it's Burt Faceman.

Who burnt down undertakers house?


When did Kane get burnt and what did he look like when he got burnt?

The storyline was that the undertaker and kanes parents died in a fire and that the undertaker thought Kane to be dead as well but Kane escaped with "serious burns''

Did undertaker an Kane's parents die in a fire?

yes the did. BUT... undertaker did not kill them. it was Kane. He was playing with flamable matches and his parents were in the fire and Kane was burnt on his face. Undertaker was doing his daily chores. i watched 97 episode on Raw Is War. But if you look up the beginning of the ministry of darkness Undertaker admits that he set the fire that burned Kane on his face

Did Kane get burnt from a fire undertaker started?

yes he did

Did Undertaker really burn his brother Kane27s face?

undertaker and kane aren't brothers, just really good friends

Did Kane get burned?

Yes, when he was a boy. Undertaker Accidentally burnt the house down and Kane got burned in the face. He wore a mask to cover up the scars, but somehow the scars vanished so then he stopped wearing his mask.

Is Kane face or heel?

Right now Kane is a heel.

Did kane burn his face?


What is the original face of Kane before burn?

The same as it is now, it was never really burned it was just a storyline

How did Kane's Face get burned?

Kane's face hasn't burned. He simply wears a mask to hide hs face and prove he is dangerous. He doesn't have scars on his face.

Which civilisation used tattoos on their face as a form of decoration?

kane kane

What is underneath Kanes mask?

Kane's face

Who did the undertaker face at WrestleMania 7?


What does his face burnt like a brand similie?

His face was bright red

Is burnt face man gay?


Does Kane really wear a mask?

Kane is the Undertakers brother, the story was, the Undertaker set a fire at his families Funeral Home which killed his family but Kane escaped with burns all over his face/body. A few years later when Kane was unmasked he had no burns and the story was his scars were emotional scars.

What to do if someone is burnt really burnt?

ask Allah for forgiveness