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the undertaker and Kane are both half brothers

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Q: Is Kane and undertaker real brother?
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Is Kane and the Undertaker real brothers?

no Kane is not undertaker's real brother

Who is undertaker's real brother?


Is kane the real brother of the undertaker?


Are undertaker and Kane actually real brothers?

No or almost Kane is undertaker half brother

What is undertaker's real brother's name's are?


Is Kane is real brother of undertaker?

yes,he is

Are Kane and the undertaker brother in real life?

No they are not

Is undertaker brother of Kane?

No Kane is the brother of Undertaker

Do Kane and undertaker have sister's and more brother's?

No, because Undertaker and Kane are not related in real life

Who are undertaker's brother?

Kane they grew up together. No, they didn't, and Kane is not his real brother.

Is it a secret that The Undertaker and Kane are brother's in real life?

Yes. It was once said that The Undertaker has four fake brother's, and a fake storyline with kane having no brother's. So yes they are brother's in real life.

Is the Undertaker and Kane real brothers?

yes they are brother i know bcse i saw real undertaker and kane together in undertakers skype they said that they are real brothers

Who is Kane's brother?

Undertaker is Kane's brother in the WWE storyline. However, in real life he doesn't have any brothers.

Is undertaker kane's brother?

No they are not related in real life just in storyline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is Kane to undertaker?

In the wrestling world, Kane is Undertaker's half brother.

Does undertaker really have a brother?

No. he doesn't have a brother in real life. In storyline yes, Kane is his brother in storyline.

Who is the undertaker's little and real secret brother?

kane (glenn thomas jacobs)

Who is Kane enemy?

kane enimies are his brother undertaker

Is Kane elder or younger brother of undertaker?

Kane is the young borther of Undertaker. And that is true.

Is harricane is a brother of Kane and undertaker?


Who is the undertaker's little brother?


Who is Kane's half brother?

the undertaker

Is Kane brother with undertaker?

In WWE they are known as brothers but in real live they have no relationshpi with eachother

Is Kane real brother of undertaker?

yes because they look alike and have the same nose

Who is Kane and undertaker's third brother?

There is no third brother and Kane and Taker are not related