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No. Although they had a good season in the Big XIII, they did not make the NCAA's but they did however, get a number four seed in the NIT.

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Q: Is K State a NCAA tournament team?
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How far has k state gotten in the NCAA tournament?

Elite 8 now -- March 27, 2010

How many times has the Duke men's basketball team made the NCAA tournament?

I think 24 times in the Coach K era.

What coach has won the most NCAA tournament games?

Coach k

Who has won the most games in the men's NCAA tournament and how many did they win?

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What is Duke's NCAA tournament appearance streak?

This will be 14 consecutive. Duke last missed the NCAA Tournament in 1995, the same season in which Coach K took a leave of absence 12 games in and was replaced by interim coach Pete Gaudet.

What coach has the most NCAA basketball tournament victories of all time?

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Has k state ever won the national championship in basketball?

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Last time k-state won NCAA?

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What is the mascot of K State?

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Who did you of K play in 1998 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship?

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Who is Coach K of NCAA Basketball?

duke's head coach

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