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Jin is a character in the "Tekken" game series. In one of the Tekken games for the PS2 platform there is a cut scene which shows Jin performing a "kata", which is a form consisting of several self defense techniques combined/disguised for a practitioner to practice the art without another partner.

The Kata he was performing was "Naihanchi" which means "points of Hanchi". This is a form that is commonly practiced in Okinawa based styles which have various names. In order to understand more about his style, you should try to search for the history of this form. Okinawa arts such as Koryu Uchinadi (old ways), Kempo (fist method), Te (hand), Quanfa (Fist method) and ToudiJutsu are known to practice this form. I'm sure there are several others; however, I cannot speak for them all. Okinawans' practiced Quan, or Quan Fa (Kempo) long before "Karate" was named in the 1930's. It is said that in the 14th Century there were the infamous "36 families" which settled in Shuri, Naha, and Tomari and taught the Okinawans "Quanfa". The Okinawans who speak a Hogan dialect call this "Kempo", which means they are the same art.

There are many misconceptions about a form, many feel that they are useless and do not know how to interpret them. That is another subject however. The purpose of a form ("Bunkai, which is the application of the moves,") is to maim, break, or kill. There are thousands of practitioners that do not agree in this point of view due to their lack of knowledge. This lack of understanding has been passed down from instructor to instructor for generations. The USA has only had a "punching kicking art" such as Karate that originated in the 20th century in Japan since 1946. The first commercial school was opened on Phoenix Arizona by Robert Trias.

This is a brief explanation; feel free to let me know if this does not answer your questions. *Source

You would have to first know the style of karate he is supposed to know. There are many different styles of karate, one being very different from the next. Find out what style he took, then try to Google search it. See if you can find a dojo.

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Q: Is Jin's fighting style traditional karate?
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