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Yes, I mean Kyle Busch is ok, but Jimmie Johnson is better.

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This is an opinion question, if you ask this question from a fan base Dale Jr. would win hands down, if you ask it from a win standpoint Kyle would win by number of overall wins

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Q: Is Jimmie Johnson better than Kyle Busch?
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Who is a better Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson or Kyle Busch?

These two drivers are both very good, however, when you look at the stats for the two, Jimmie Johnson has 6 championships, and 5 were in a row. This proves that he is overall the better driver.

Why is Nascar driver Kyle Busch such a cry baby?

A better question would be why are Nascar drivers Kurt Busch, Juan Pablo Montoya, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson such cry babies?

How do you get Jimmie Johnson's team on Nascar 06?

You need to pick Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, or 1 other person whose name I can't remember.

Who were Jeff Gordon's 2005 teammates?

In 2005, Jeff Gordon's teammates were Jimmie Johnson #48, Kyle Busch #5 and Brian Vickers #25.

Who has more championships Dale Earnhardt Sr. or Jimmie Johnson?

Currently, Kyle Busch has 29 wins and Kevin Harvick has 25 wins in the Nascar Cup Series.

Who finished in the top five for the 2007 Nascar Cup Series championship?

Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer, Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch.

Who are some of the current NASCAR drivers?

Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle and Ryan Newman.

Who are the top point leaders in NASCAR for 2011?

Through race #23 of the 2011 season, Kyle Busch is leading the points, followed by Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick.

Who was the last Nascar driver to win a race in 2010 and what was the race?

2014 - Brad Keselowski 2013 - Matt Kenseth 2012 - Tony Stewart 2011 - Carl Edwards 2010 - Jimmie Johnson 2009 - Kyle Busch 2008 - Carl Edwards 2007 - Jimmie Johnson 2006 - Jimmie Johnson 2005 - Jimmie Johnson

Who where the drivers to make the chase in 2006?

Jimmie Johnson; Matt Kenseth; Denny Hamlin; Kevin Harvick; Dale Earnhardt, Jr.; Jeff Gordon; Jeff Burton; Kasey Kahne; Mark Martin; Kyle Busch.

Which current driver has won the most races at Charlotte Motor Speedway?

Jimmie Johnson leads the current Nascar Cup Series drivers with six wins at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Mark Martin and Kyle Busch share the Nationwide Series lead with six wins each, and Kyle Busch leads the Truck Series with four wins at Charlotte.

Is Kyle Busch German?

No, Kyle Busch is American.